Opportunity grants

Mark Clute Opportunity grant

Mark Clute was one of the co-founders of MiCAMP. He was a pioneer in implementing and promoting the use of geospatial information technologies within county government. He was one of the first visionaries who understood the efficiencies geospatial technologies had to offer at this government level and worked tirelessly to integrate it into every day county business use. He was an exemplary public servant, beloved family man and generous friend, who passed away at the age of 49. This opportunity grant exists in memory of and dedication to Mark.

The Mark Clute Opportunity Grant is a professional development opportunity and is intended to provide funds to cover the first (1st) year of an organization’s membership dues (if a new member), and provide limited funds to help cover expenses for that organization to send one or more people to the annual MiCAMP Fall GIS Conference (for both new and existing members). Existing members are welcome to apply, however dues would not be covered, only travel expenses. This is a reimbursement opportunity. Proof of attendance and travel will be requested (hotel receipt, etc.) before reimbursement funds will be sent.

2021 Timeline

June – Application period is open. Deadline to apply July 2 @ 5pm

Early July – Applications reviewed by MiCAMP Committee

End of July – Award announced


Typical Fund Timeline

March/April – Application period is open

May/June – Applications reviewed by MiCAMP Committee

July – Award announced


Any organization is welcome to apply. This includes government, non-profit, RPO, etc. and private sector. In the event a private sector organization is chosen, MiCAMP will work with that organization on specifics, as dues and attendees differ for private sector. 


Applications will be scored by the following items:

  • If the Organization is a new MiCAMP Member
  • If at least one of the organization’s conference attendees is new
  • Whether the Organization is a Regular Member or Private Sector Member
  • Regional Location – preference going to the U.P. or Northern Lower of MI.

The Mark Clute Opportunity Grant 2021 was award to Cass County. Cass County has created a new GIS Department and is currently developing and deploying a new GIS program. Congratulations to Cass County!

Eric Anderson opportunity grant

Eric had a lifelong passion for geography and maps, and was well known by the MiCAMP membership for his creative ways to map and display data and facts, especially cartograms. Eric greatly enjoyed pulling together the annual aerial imagery contest at the MiCAMP conference, often stumping those in attendance with his creative imagery interpretation themes. Eric first joined MiCAMP in 2003, and began serving on the Board of Directors in 2005. The MiCAMP membership and the MiCAMP Board will always remember Eric for his dedication to making GIS and mapping not only informative, but fun and enjoyable. This opportunity grant exists in memory of and dedication to Eric.

The intent of the Eric Anderson Opportunity Grant is to provide funds to a student or students to attend the annual MiCAMP GIS Conference. Travel, meals, and hotel room are covered by the funds.

The MiCAMP Board is currently working on the specifics and program for this fund. Details will be announced at the 2021 GIS Conference.