Membership Management

Use the form below to sign into your MembershipWorks account. If you haven’t logged in before or forgot your password, click the request password to be emailed a new password. If you need to change your password to something else, you can do so after you login.

MembershipWorks is setup with Primary Contacts and Secondary Contacts. A Primary Contact can edit and update profiles for themselves and others in the organization, add/remove members, and view/pay dues and invoices. Secondary Contacts can only update their profile information.

For general membership questions or help with MembershipWorks, email us at membership at

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MembershipWorks FAQ

How do I add or remove contacts from my organization?

First, you need to be the Primary Contact for the organization. Login above and go to the Profile tab. Here you can update your information as well as the profiles for the secondary contacts in your organization. You can choose Add New Contact at the bottom of the list, or edit/delete your secondary contacts.

I can’t add/remove contacts or edit contacts in my organization.

In this situation, you are most likely logged in as a secondary contact. Only Primary Contacts are able to add, remove, or change secondary contact information. If a contact needs to be removed from your organization, check with your Primary Contact or reach out to MiCAMP for assistance.

I can only edit my profile when I login. I can’t see renewal information or pay for our membership.

You are logged in as a secondary contact for the organization. Only Primary Contacts can manage other aspects of the account and view/pay membership dues. Secondary Contacts can only edit/update their own information.

I need an invoice or payment receipt.

Our new membership system does not automatically create an invoice for each member, as in the past. If you need an invoice for your financial team to pay membership dues, send us an email and we’ll generate an invoice for you. Once you pay, you’ll receive a payment receipt in your email. If you need something more than what is emailed upon payment, let us know and we’ll help.