MiCAMP AGO Gallery

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Share Your Maps & Apps

The gallery below is a chance for you to share your maps, apps, story maps, etc. with the MiCAMP membership. Show others examples of what is possible with ArcGIS Online!!

Search and Join the Group
When logged into AGO with your organizational account, search public groups for micamp. A few groups will appear, but the one you want is called “MiCAMP Membership Gallery”. Request to join the group.
Share Your Content

Once the MiCAMP Admin allows your request to join the group, you’ll be able to share your map or app with the group. Make sure your item Title, Summary, Description, and thumbnail are complete and accurate. It may be a good idea to put your organization after the description, such as “Capital Improvement Plan Projects, AnyTown USA.”

Items To Consider

Please try to only share a few items from your organization at a time. We want to ensure everyone has an opportunity to share, and we don’t want the group to get to overloaded with content from one organization. The MiCAMP Admin reserves the right to remove items that shouldn’t be in the group or if one organization has posted too many items.