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2014Air Photo InterpretationEric Anderson & Rose Anger
2014NOAA/NWSSteven Fleegel
2014EMU - GRACEMichael Dueweke
2014ESRI - Agile MappingPhil Holleran & Sam Klimoski
2013GIS ROIA. Hartwick
2013Tax MappingR. Anger
2013Where's My Fracking Map?R. Anger
2013SAW GrantLarry Fox
2013USGS 3DEPC. Hickman
2013UP GIS in Econ DevE. Anderson
2013GDB WorkshopN. Fazer
2010Desktop AddressingR. Anger
2010Field Addressing with ApplicationC. Cantrell
2010LiDAR 101R. Goodwin
2010RedistrictingTrevor Floyd
2010Cost/Benefit AnalysisV. Kalnins
2010ISO RatingsG. Shafer
2010B93 Disaster PlanningC. Bessert
2010Historic Maps of MichiganC. Bessert
2010Bing Maps TemplateN. Besteman, V. Kalnins
2009Small Desktop ApplicationsR. Anger
2006Buildout AnalysisCharlevoix County Planning Dept.
2006Mining the Web for DataR. Anger
2005QVF To The MapN. Besteman, V. Kalnins
2004GIS and Homeland SecurityE. Anderson
2004LeadershipD. Shinavier, R. Anger
2003County GIS ApplicationsV. Kalnins, L. Sullivan
2002Barry County LISD. Shinavier, R. Anger
2002GIS AppsJ. Wagendorp, V. Kalnins
2002GIS in the Drain OfficeR. Anger
2002Parcel Mapping WorkshopR. Anger
2001GIS/GPS IntegrationD. Shinavier
2001Serving County GIS Data and Maps on the WebD. Shinavier
2001Splits & Parcel MaintenanceR. Anger